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3D asset creation

This page provide information about the creation of 3D assets for Pioneer, such as spaceships, spaceports, buildings and so on.

Visual style guide

Here you will find the description of the general style, shape language and level of detail we are aiming for. It is loose enough to allow creative freedom, but the aim is to have a visual consistency. If you intend to create an asset to be included in the official Pioneer release, please read through it first. If you just want to make a mod, then you are free to ignore all this (although you might still find useful bits in there).


Detailed description of the 3D asset workflow and the various definition files, be it a spaceship, a building or a spaceport.

Workflow and tools overview

Model system overview

  • Ship setup
  • Cockpit setup
  • Space station and port setup
  • Building setup

Model viewer

Other information

Here is the place for tips and tricks and alike