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Emergent and systemic gameplay ‚Äč

  • Emergent gameplay coming from the game systems working together to provide unscripted and unique events. For example an ill-maintained engine forces the player to do orbital maneuvers to get to their destination, but then they have to decide whether to kill of livestock cargo to conserve resources, or attempt to keep them alive, and risk not making it to port.
    • Scripted missions and stories standing on this systemic and emergent base.
      • A satisfied mission giver could later follow up with other missions and initiate a chain of other missions
      • A dissatisfied mission giver could send assassins after the player
        • More elaborate stories could be started from certain missions or other in-game events, like a distress call for example turning into a combat chase, then some detective work, then an assault on a pirate outpost.
      • One game start could work as a chain of missions acting as a tutorial.
    • I suspect properly implementing this needs a lot of groundwork, but I think this would be a nice thing to aim for.