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Graphics and Visuals ‚Äč

Graphics - Our engine is a bit behind times, and would be nice to have a more modern rendering engine, both from a "nice to look at" and "easier to work with" aspects.

  • PBR metallic based workflow - would simplify asset creation, due to the amount of readily available assets, tools and documentation
  • Decal based detailing - another thing that would simplify asset creation, and a way to improve visual fidelity. Could also provide optimization benefits due to reused materials and textures
  • Tiled materials - would simplify texturing, especially for large surfaces.
    • With weathering and grunge masks to break up monotony and sterility
  • Screen Space AO - nice to have, and removes burden of baking AO onto textures.
  • Screen Space Reflections - would improve visual fidelity a lot. A lot of materials depend on reflection, like car paints and such.
  • These could also provide an incentive for aspiring contributors, who could learn a modern workflow while making assets.