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Development team of Pioneer

Pioneer is a volunteer effort spanning the globe, chugging along for 12 years now. Current active(ish) team members are (in random order):

  • Sturnclaw - list of ideas and plans
  • Impaktor - Karl - C++, but mostly lua. Admin of Pioneer's twitter, dev forum, transifex, github, wiki, IRC. Main interest: game mechanics
  • Gliese852 - C++ and lua, gameplay and UI development
  • Fluffyfreak - (dormant) Andrew Copland - C++ guru, professional game-dev. Procedural generation, graphics, rendering
  • WKFO - Arda Güler - Music and SFX, sound design, Turkish translation
  • Schopin - (dormant?) lua guru, and C++/lua interfacing
  • Nozmajner - Szilárd Bálint - Artwork, Hungarian translation
  • Ecraven - Peter - C++ and lua code, UI, website, wiki
  • Jpab - John - (dormant) all of the code, project admin, everything
  • Robn - Robert Norris - (retired) all of the code, project admin, website, everything
  • Do tell if you are not included!

We list everyone that has ever contributed to the project (even a single-character tweak) in the AUTHORS.txt file These people aren't necessarily owners of these areas, but they definitely know lots about it and you should talk to them before you start.
There's a bunch of administrative stuff that needs to be done in a project like this. Things like looking after the repository and commit rights, the build machines, various support services (eg Transifex), managing the money, paying for domain registration and hosting, that sort of thing. That's handled quietly by impaktor and others. Yell at one of us if you have any questions.

Development takes place on Github, and the we communicate mainly via IRC in #pioneer at

Here I'd also include the new dev forum / github discussions and the project boards and such when we figure out how we want those