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  • We are at a nice place with that mostly, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.

  • Ability to control as much functionality as possible from a joystick with a hat switch and buttons without contorting the UI into weird yoga positions like E:D does.

  • HUD is a nice basis. There's room for added functionality

    • There could be proper comms (see above - non-combat gameplay)
    • HUD for external docking
  • Flight UX is quite nice with the new flight computer. There's room for a bit of polish, but it's really nice overall.

  • Station screens could benefit from some facelift and UX improvement

  • Maps even more so (see also flight planning points)

  • Interactive cockpits for more immersive gameplay. But optional, one should be able to play the game with only a HUD as well.