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Out-of-ship experience ‚Äč

We talked a lot about providing an out of ship experience. Be it a text adventure like interface with some images or a full-blown isometric game inside the game.

  • "Walking outside / have rovers to drive around" keeps requested by players from time to time as well.
  • The more I think about it, the less I'm convinced we would benefit much from these, but it would enlarge the already large plate I've outlined above, and would increase the workload.
  • I think a nice comms functionality with e-mails and a chat style interface for mission and character interaction, and the accompanying address book to reach characters you know would provide the most bank for the least work. Admittedly it would need lots of plumbing and writing work still, but less graphics. Not to mention the work a full blown isometric part or actual FPS aspect would mean.
  • So I'd say these are not planned currently. I think most of what's outlined above could be brought together with such functionality in the future where Pioneer matured towards where we would like it. So if the manpower is available in the future, then sure, we could go onto one of these directions, but I'd say for a "Pioneer 1." it is not planned.