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  • Frontier: Elite II. by David Braben and Ian Bell - the seed of Pioneer Space sim, which started as FOSS re-implemetation of Frontier.
  • Independence War 1. and 2. by Particle Systems - these games have very a satisfying flight model and enjoyable combat
  • The Expanse by James S. A. Corey and the TV series adaptation - the nitty-gritty of spaceflight here is quite similar to what Pioneer has
  • Atomic Rockets by Winchell Chung - a treasure trove of information about the science of space flight and spaceships both real world and sci-fi
  • Elite: Dangerous - has some interesting gameplay and visual ideas. Also, a descendant of Frontier, which is sure something!
  • Star Citizen - the complex one, albeit we do not strive for this kind of detail. There are some nice visual workflow ideas in there as well
  • Nebulous: Space Combat - the interface can give some nice ideas about overview/management level interfaces, and combat is very detailed
  • Dwarf Fortress 😛 - mostly the systemic/emergent gameplay aspect
  • List to be expanded, especially with non-spacesim games for the other parts